Discover, create and build your best life! Life Coach for CEOs, Financial Traders, Entreprenerus and more. Career and business coaching. Motivation, leadership. 

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Life Coaching! Your coach in New York. Reach your challenging career goals, entrepreneur and business dreams, and love life or relationship goals.
Your coach in New York,  Julie Melillo...
Taking it to the next level in Manhattan? Motivation, Leadership, and more. 

Looking for life coaching? Need a great coach in New York?

Ambitious goals are challenging. The more difficult your goal, the more life coaching helps support you.
Get started by filling out the form on the right side of this page. No-obligation rates will be emailed to you.

Life coaching is for anyone taking on an ambitious and challenging new goal in Manhattan or elsewhere.
Is that you?

My coaching manages the process of change, helping you discover your OWN best approaches, actions, and beliefs. I'm like a project manager looking holistically at the big picture view of your life -- helping you to discover what's working and what's not. Let's get started! :) Changing your life is awesome.

Everything is easier with motivation, honed communication skills, and your natural leadership powerfully brought out. 

 Offering Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Dating Coaching

  • In-person sessions -- in Manhattan (Midtown and below)
  • Phone sessions -- from the comfort of anywhere in the USA.
  • Email coaching -- included with coaching packages. 
  • Public Speaking -- workshops, events, motivational speaking, and on-site coaching in NYC -- email me to set up. 
Certified, experienced coach (since 2005), ICF NYC member, BA communications. For rates or questions, fill out form on the right side of this page. ---->

Choose From: (Or create any combination of the below)
  • Executive Coaching -- Build leadership, interpersonal skills, and achieve business goals, faster.
  • Business Coaching -- For entrepreneurs and CEOs, increase discipline, discover your vision for your business.
  • Financial Trader Coaching -- Take your work to the next level! Overcome mechanisms that hold traders back.
  • Career Coaching -- Achieve success in your career, create your strategy and vision for long-term success. Interview technique and career-search strategy.
  • Relationship Coaching and Dating Training -- Hone your technique for dating in large metro areas, overcome limiting beliefs, find "the one" faster! Polish online dating profiles, take more action and improve current social life and relationships. Also recharge and improve motivation for getting out there on the scene.  
Need a NYC Life Coach?

A life coach can really help. Whether you're a financial trader on Wall Street
with more potential, an entrepreneur who is still embracing your power to change the world, a pop star, a CEO with no time to figure out your life goals or relationships, an artist finding your place, an actor or celebrity, a professional with a job below your strengths, a frustrated dater who knows the right person is still out there, or anyone with more to offer the world....

Many of my New York clients see an immediate improvement in the first session. Typically, within 3 to 6 months most clients are good to go, and that includes finding relationships, expanding a business or making more money.

Coaching will help you...
Find your motivation, increase your feeling of individual power, boost leadership skills at work, discover your best solutions, get focused, clarify your approach, take action each day, and watch results unfold faster than you expected.

Who I work with...
Whether you live in Manhattan, New York, or the rest of the world, if you're a high potential person, dynamic, with many goals,
and you dislike being told what to do, my coaching may be a great fit! The clients I attract are dynamic, creative, intelligent, ambitious, powerful and kind. They are often the "DaVincis" of their generation -- and they're amazing people. My clients tend to be very independent and don't want "advice." (Who does?) My coaching takes a personal approach adapted to each unique client and their individual goals, big and small. Common goals include career/business success, improving dating and finding "the one," making more friends, improving health and finding a purpose in life.

Email Julie. click here.

Small changes impact everything...
What if you could improve just one area of you life with lasting results? How would it impact the rest of your life? Would it be worth the work you'll put in during your coaching sessions?

How long should you wait?
Should you contact me now, or wait a while? Now, I understand being thorough about questioning value. I actually waited a good 3-4 years to even become a Life Coach, knowing full well it was my dream job! I wondered if the classes were too expensive, etc. I wasted those years doing things that were "just okay." And then I realized "Why am I wasting my life?"

Whatever you decide, all I ask is that you seriously consider making a jump towards what you want. And do it today.
What is one thing you could do? Anything big or small! I challenge you to do it. 

When you visualize living your new life, ask yourself, what would it take to get there?

I'm here to support you as you do difficult things.  You'll find those actions are easier than you think!!

However, the fear is difficult to overcome isn't it? Stepping into something new is a major endeavor to undertake.

It's not easy to create the life you want and watch your dreams take flight. It's also not easy to watch your dreams die either, or life a life you know is not what you are meant for.

Discover what you love, build a foundation of your own powerful strength, taken on enormous challenges, and navigate some very difficult highs and lows in your chosen field -- all in a daily effort to achieve your amazing result.

NYC Life Coaching can help you with the following life areas! What is your priority?

•    Love life -- find the right relationship, discover your top 4 
compatibility matches (including assessment and results).
•    Career -- discover your Top 2 Strengths, get support as you
change careers or climb the ladder. 
•    Business -- start or expand your business.
•    Friends/social life -- find your best group of friends or expand
your social circle.
•    Fun/travel -- find ways to achieve your dreams
•    Apartment/amazing home -- support as go after your vision
•    Life purpose, dreams, legacy -- discover yours

Who I don't work with...
Whether you live in New York, or the rest of the country, if you don't have a specific future goal you're trying to reach (finding a relationship, improving career, finding your passions, etc.), coaching can't help you. If you're not willing to make changes or commit to taking action, coaching also won't help. Coaching is not magical. It's a process that fine-tunes your efforts. For example, if you want to save money, but if  you refuse to find new solutions or make any changes, the situation won't be improved with coaching. Just as a personal trainer can't create a six-pack on a client who won't do exercise, coaching won't help you shape a life unless you choose to shape it.

However, if you are a person who is ambitious, creative, intelligent, with additional goals, my unique coaching style can help support you on your journey towards something new, exciting and different.

Why hire NYC Life Coach Julie Melillo?

"I know how hard it is to create a life you love. It's not the mainstream thing to do. And I will give you my all to make your life everything that you've dreamed of.  I don't give advice or tell you what to do. You are expert on your life, your business -- no one knows these like you do. Instead, I ask you for the truth with powerful questions that get you thinking. Discover your important answers, power to change, to adapt, survive, thrive and become everything you're meant to be -- sooner rather than later."

Manhattan Life Coach Julie Melillo. Julie is a certified coach in the city and offers in-person and telephone coaching, plus workshops, seminars and events.

Click to get all the info you need about life coaching: here.

Read About Coaching

Watch Julie's Videos
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Manhattan Life Coach Julie Melillo
  • Appeared on MTV's True Life television show, and coached for an hour session which was edited for the broadcast, 2015.
  • Appeared on Fox News, for a segment about appearing intelligent, 2015. 
  • 12/2 Went to a youth shelter in Midtown West, talked about careers with a group of 14 kids. The past doesn't predict the future, and anything is possible.
  • 12/1 Filmed a segment about my life coaching with a news crew and two of my great clients, an entrepreneur and a model.
  • Attending NYC's "Fall in Love with the New Downtown" October 20th. The proceeds will go to Hive at 55, an Initiative of the Alliance for Downtown New York.
  • City Scoops article features Julie Melillo Life Coaching
  • Visit my coaching table at "Where the Jobs Are" Tue January 26th! (see events tab above)
  • Presenting "Your Top 2 Strengths at Work" for Duke University's 6 Degrees of Duke Networking Night. 
  • Win coaching! Thurs 7/30, 7pm, visit my coaching table at this FREE event. Details here.
  • Watch me on Life Coach TV in Manhattan on April 27, at 8pm! 

What's more important than making YOU, your goals, your life -- your HAPPINESS -- the priority? Let's get started.

Find the right life coach for you, and you'll change your life.

NYC Life Coach Julie Melillo. Facebook page

Read REVIEWS of Julie's coaching:
click here. -- Go here if you need a prettier web site, haha. I'm nostalgic, and this is my original coaching site, which I made back in 2005! 10 years ago! I like it, even if it's not the prettiest :).

Afraid due to the economy? Read my article, "Economic Problems and Facing our Fears." Click here. Additional free resources at the bottom of this page. Scroll all the way down.

What is Life Coaching?
Click here.

Fill out the form below. You will receive an email with rates, and all the details you need to decide if coaching is right for you. You MUST include your email address. I no longer do phone consults, so your phone calls won't be returned. But you may ask questions via email.  Please note that at times, I am fully booked and have no additional sessions available. During these times I'm so busy, that I might not have time to send you rates. Please wait one week, and follow-up with me via email, and I will let you know when I have an opening, or I will email you the minute one becomes available. :) 

Fill out to have rates emailed to you.
In the comment box, please include your coaching goals, occupation, and if you prefer phone or in-person coaching.
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Hot off the press...

Featured in Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books), New Book (July 2013) "Coaching for Breakthrough Success." Includes Julie's advice for coaching effectively.

Julie's name is on the cover of Trading in a Nutshell, 10th anniversary edition, by Stuart McPhee, and features a long interview with Julie Melillo,  Purchase here.

Crain's New York Business features Julie's coaching, page 16.

Julie Melillo, Certified Life Coach

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Find Lasting Happiness at Work and In Love...

Your Top 2 Strengths Assessment and Instant Results! Guaranteed to change your life! This short, fast assessment will work in less than 30 minutes. Instant results for work, career, dating/marriage, friendships. Learn your strengths to separate yourself from the competition and speed success. Get your top 4 best compatibility matches for business, dating and love. Assessment and instant results -- all included! The results will change the rest of your life! A great compliment if you're already being coached, and it's an invaluable tool either way. 

A chart from the Discover Your Top 2 Strengths Assessment and Instant Results, as presented to Duke University's Alumni chapter in Manhattan.

Help Bring About Future Positive Changes, Faster...
Create a Scrapbook of Future Memories Workbook
Create a Scrapbook of Future Memories Workbook! An interesting exercise that will help you speed results.

This short workbook quickly shows you exactly how to do this. The two-pages have ideas to get you brainstorming, and a place to sketch out and record your ideas. Review them weekly for FAST results in achieving your goals. Pay over PayPal and print it out immediately. Keep the life-changing results forever.

The above products may be purchased along with coaching sessions.
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