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need to find a life coach? Julie melillo life coach, nyc, MANHATTAN AND BEYOND! career coaching, dating coaching, for ceos, entrepreneurs, and individuals with big dreams!

Awarded the Best of 2020 Manhattan award 

for the category of "Life Coach" in NYC. Only one professional is chosen per category. 

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Best Life Coaches in New York City

Update: I've just written my first novel! It's about Violet, who lives in New York, and is searching for her place in life, career, love and everything --it's something my coaching clients can probably relate to -- "like" the page on Facebook! Yes, my background in dating coaching may have played a role here haha ;) But I would never use any of my client's experiences! This is 100% fiction and everything is made up. The emotions involved though, and the decisions that need to be made, I think we can all relate to! 



I've been named a best life coach in nyc for four years in a row. Chosen from all the life coaches in new york city.

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  • Over 13 years experience. 
  • Life Coached on MTV, gave hour long talks to graduates in Business at universities including Duke and NYU. 
  • Advice featured in numerous national newspapers, magazines, and TV shows. 
  • Julie's advice about how to coach effectively is featured in 2 books.
  • Listed as one of the top 5 coaches in NYC 


looking for a life coach? life coaching is a no-advice, question-based process. not consulting. i don't advise you. i help you advise yourself, by asking the right questions, reading between the lines, and helping you achieve your ambitious life goals -- much faster.

a dream career -- or starting or expanding a business

Chosen as a top coach in NYC (top 13)

out of 2000 coaches by Expertise for 2020 also


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Life coaching in nyc, business coaching and personal coaching. Find the right life coach for you in NYC. Are you a CEO, entrepreneur, rock star? Artist, actor, or a person with big dreams, unique potential, and ready to do big things? The support you get with weekly coaching can impact everything! If you're in NYC or Manhattan, so am I! However, I also offer international life coaching, so no worries if you're located somewhere else! ;) 

What if you could improve just one area of your life with lasting results? How would it impact the rest of your life? Would it be worth the work you'll put in during your weekly coaching sessions? 

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