Side note not about Life Coaching! I've just written my first fictional novel! It's about a girl named Violet who lives in New York, and it's something my coaching clients can probably relate to. If you'd like to read an excerpt, and get updates on when it will be published, "like" the page on Facebook. 


life coaching is a no-advice, question-based process. not consulting. i don't advise you. i help you advise yourself, by asking the right questions, reading between the lines, and helping you achieve your ambitious life goals -- much faster.

friendships to last a lifetime

getting in touch with your purpose in life

amazing love life/FAMILY LIFE

Small changes impact everything... 
What if you could improve just one area of you life with lasting results? How would it impact the rest of your life? Would it be worth the work you'll put in during your coaching sessions? 

Julie melillo life coachING nyc. what do you want most for your life? 


a dream career -- or starting or expanding a business