Candy Corn Smile T-shirt for Halloween. This is a great one you can wear all year if you get a neutral-colored shirt. Looks great on guys or gals. Makes a cute gift as well. Click here to view on Amazon. 

For people who love to read...

Halloween Shirts:


are a great way to stay motivated, spread the positive vibes -- super important in these trying times, and make great gifts for those who want to continue to expand into the greatest versions of themselves. And there are some cute Halloween ones too, just because :). I've designed all of these myself, because art is one of the things I love. 

Are YOU one of those people who love to read? 

What if you read novels that were entertaining yet contained messages about personal strength to help you strengthen your own success mindset and believe in yourself more?

I'm writing novels that will remind you of the huge power that you as one person possess, and won't fill your mindset with hopelessness, needless gore or violence, but instead with courage, strength during adversity, and empathy for yourself on your unique journey. 

Check out my novels here.

And you can read the first 3 chapters FREE! 

For example:

  • Taking action, despite obstacles or self-doubt
  • Not seeing things as black-and-white but in shades of gray
  • Feeling hopeless, but continuing on anyway.
  • Not seeing any possibilities, yet finding them anyway.
  • Being aware that Dark Triad Personalities exist and you need to protect yourself from those who lack empathy.
  • Being aware that empathetic, kind people DO exist ALSO. 
  • Feeling self-pity but then powerfully taking ownership of one's life 
  • The importance of character in choosing relationships 
  • ‚ÄčThe power of learning from mistakes 

More shirts coming soon!

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