Halloween Shirts:

More shirts coming soon!

If there is a specific type of shirt you'd love to see, email me. Use the contact form on the main page of this site. 

Be the Bright in the Night (multi-color) T-shirt. Same message as the Yellow version above, but I used bright colors to remind us of a Renaissance that could be coming after this difficult year, 2020. Click here to view on Amazon. 

Feel Inspired Shirts 


Forever Love T-shirt, a cute and fun design to remind you that real love is forever. Comes in many bright colors to cheer up your down days! Click here to view on Amazon. 

Be the Bright in the Night, (Yellow) T-shirt. This shirt is all about being your brightest, best, glowing self, to help others find their way through the darkness. By developing yourself, you naturally become a leader-by-example for others. You don't even have to say a word, your actions speak louder. This has been a difficult 2020 for us all, so being strong and bright really can help those around you. Click here to view on Amazon. 

Ghost hug Tshirt

Heartbreaker shirt. Buy on Amazon. Click here to view on Amazon.


are a great way to stay motivated, spread the positive vibes -- super important in these trying times, and make great gifts for those who want to continue to expand into the greatest versions of themselves. And there are some cute Halloween ones too, just because :). I've designed all of these myself, because art is one of the things I love. 

Heartbreaker T-shirt. If your goals include dating and finding the right relationship, remind yourself what a catch you are with this pretty and fun Heartbreaker shirt. Makes a great gift too. Guy-version coming soon.Click here to view on Amazon. 

Candy Corn Smile T-shirt for Halloween. This is a great one you can wear all year if you get a neutral-colored shirt. Looks great on guys or gals. Makes a cute gift as well. Click here to view on Amazon. 

Ghost Hug T-shirt Adorable Halloween shirt that you can wear all year, because it's just that cute! Also a cute way to send an "air hug" to loved ones no matter how far away they are from you. Men and Women's sizes and many colors.Click here to view on Amazon.