​​Coaching since 2005, Julie has over 10 years experience as a Life Coach.

Coach, writer, speaker, artist, Julie Melillo was raised in Tucson, Arizona and lived in Phoenix for five years after college. She then moved to Manhattan in 2007 (with one suitcase and not knowing anyone), to bring her happiness-focused coaching to stressed out New Yorkers. Julie brings her passion to her clients with her five-step goal-reaching success process and personality type strength expertise. 

Julie coaches clients in-person in Manhattan and internationally over the telephone and internet. She also leads workshops and seminars in Manhattan. She is a former member of The International Coach Federation and is a Certified Life Coach from an accredited school.

Julie has a BA in Communications, minor in Journalism and graduated Magna Cum Laude a semester early. Julie's articles on coaching topics are read by thousands worldwide. She has written e-books including Attack Your Goals, Not Yourself and The Happy Book: 10 Ways to Completely Change your life.

Julie continues to chase her own dreams, and creates art, T-shirts, NFTs, creative writing and novels and loves karaoke. She also loves following a healthy lifestyle and cooks gluten free/sugar free foods. 

Julie's Credentials:

Certified Life Coach. Julie graduated from the Transformational Life Coaching Program at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. This certification program is accredited by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education and the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training ACCET.                                                                            
Julie belonged to the nation's largest coaching chapter, in New York City, of the International Coach Federation. She was selected to career coach MBA students of the world renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management -- currently ranked as the #1 Global Business school in the world.                                               
BA in Communications. After graduating Magna Cum Laude a semester early from The University of Arizona, Julie worked as an advertising agency copywriter and a copy editor. She has also freelanced with national writing clients.


Julie coached on MTV's True Life television show. She also gave one-hour presentations to Duke University alumni, and NYU alumni, and appeared on an April ’09 Monday evening broadcast of Life Coach TV, a Manhattan-broadcast TV show, which is sponsored by the International Coach Federation. She has also run workshops (in-person and web) on a variety of dating and career topics. 

Taking it to the next level in Manhattan? Motivation, leadership and more.

Set up a session right now! Email me here. 

Having your own life coach to have sessions with when it's convenient for you, can really help. Whether you're a financial trader on Wall Street with more potential, an entrepreneur who is still embracing your power to change the world, a pop star, a CEO with no time to figure out your life goals or relationships, an artist finding your place, an actor or celebrity, a professional with a job below your strengths, a frustrated dater who knows the right person is still out there, or anyone with more to offer the world....

Many of my New York clients see an immediate improvement in the first session. Typically, within 3 to 6 months most clients are good to go. Of course, as goals expand, clients often come back in the months and years that follow. 

Coaching will help you...
Find your motivation, increase your feeling of individual power, boost leadership skills at work, discover your best solutions, get focused, clarify your approach, take action each day, and watch results unfold faster than you expected. What you put into your life, you get out of your life. 

Photograph (c)Julie Melillo


"When I had my first session with Julie, I had just received my Master’s degree and had located to NYC. But I was without a full time job and was feeling rather aimless in my life. There were a few business ideas that I was very tentatively exploring but did not feel confident in my ability to follow through on these ideas. I’m not what you would call a natural self-starter, have trouble with organization, and have no experience with launching a profitable venture – not the ideal profile of a prospective entrepreneur. 

However, with Julie’s guidance and assistance over the course of 6 months, I’ve partnered with a few business and legal minds, have incorporated a company, filed for a patent, and are more than halfway through software development. There is, of course, much work to be done to make this a viable business – but with the help of my life coach, I have no doubt that the hurdles ahead of me will be cleared as easily as those in the past.

But our sessions are much more than career guidance – Julie explores all aspects of one’s life including dating and relationships, financial goals, and social life. When I look back at my assessment of these criterion from 6 months ago, I am astounded by my progress in all areas. Yet there were still weeks when I procrastinated, didn’t accomplish the tasks I had set out to do, and arrived to our session having made very little headway. Reassuring but firm, Julie replied – “The last week is over. What do you need to do by the end of this week to get to where you need to be?” That is among her many strengths – the ability to tailor a plan based on the unique talents and work style of the individual. Julie is a terrific listener with a great memory, an encouraging but objective advocate, and a taskmaster (upon request). These are exactly the qualities I was seeking in a life coach and without her, I cannot imagine my life on its current trajectory. She receives my highest recommendation."

Entrepreneur, NYC

"Julie has a natural gift for life coaching. She’s patient, understanding and a great     listener; however, she also makes sure that you walk away from each call with specific tasks and     objectives that require work on the client’s part.  I would recommend her to anyonewho is     interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal and/or professional lives."

-Edward Menon, Realtor, Scottsdale, Arizona
    "I had no idea what to expect from life coaching, but Julie addressed that from    day one.  She was also very good about being in tune with details such as how I reacted to topics,     the way I talked about things, my personality type and connecting these things into questions for me     to ponder. 

    Her obvious intelligence gives her an automatic credibility, and she’s clearly interested more in my    realizations that trying to prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution. After the coaching, I've been 
much happier at work. In addition to remembering what I liked about my job in general, it's    actually helpful to feel like I've
    made someone a promise to give a more positive effort. Thanks Julie!"  

-Gergely Kota, Software Engineer, Seattle, Washington

"Julie doesn't solve your issues or answer your questions.  That's not what life coaching    is about.  She helps you walk through those challenges and helps you find your own answers,    and she does this in a very supportive, non-judgmental way.  

She then captures those key ideas and possible solutions and both motivates and holds you accountable to take action to get where you want to go.

What really impressed me about speaking with Julie is how easy she is to talk with and how very    insightful she is.  She listens, then distills and clarifies your ideas. Sometimes, it's like she's a human    Pensieve (wikipedia.)!  Expect her to be direct; there's not much beating around the bush with her.     You can tell that she means it only for your own good, though, and that makes all the difference.  I    appreciate that she can get right to the heart of the matter and make you face yourself in the    mirror - even if you'd rather look away.

For those looking for a little more direction, or a kick in the pants to get you moving on something you already know you want/should do?  Julie can help you find that personal gusto you need to get off your duff.  Send her an e-mail and get ready to make the most of your life!"

-K.L., Senior Consultant, Washington D.C.

"I would just like to thank Julie for taking the time to work with me. I feel like she has the    knowledge and tools nessesary to help anyone bring positive change into their lives. After just one session with Julie, I was able to better prioritize things in my life and I am confident that will have a    great overall impact on my life."

-J.C.,Entrepreneur/Internet Marketer, Tempe, Arizona    

"In less than two months, I have been able to make astounding progress towards my goal of    becoming a working actor. Julie has a clarity that I have never before encountered. She is obviously    very experienced and skillful, as well as kind and compassionate. Julie has always encouraged me to    trust my own intuition in making choices for my career and dreams. You will be making a good    decision in hiring Julie as your dream life coach."  

-M.D., Actress, New Jersey

"Julie has provided thoughtful encouragement through her personable approach to issues that I have    struggled with. She has also given me an opportunity to see things through a different angle, which    is a very unique perspective that helped me greatly! After just a few sessions with Julie, I have seen major changes in ways I approach my goals and issues. For a life coach, I cannot ask for a better    one than Julie."

-N.F., Educator, Phoenix, Arizona

"Life Coaching was an excellent experience. I was a bit skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised what a  difference it made in a short time. Julie immediately built rapport to make it comfortable sharing    challenges. She has a great insight and the exercises are beneficial. Life Coaching helped me see that     my goals are attainable. Thanks!"

-M.W., Education Administrator, Phoenix, Arizona

"I highly recommend Julie! After our first session, I found her coaching style very comfortable. She is easy to talk to and her reflective listening encouraged me to really challenge myself. When our conversation ended, I felt energized to make progress toward the
goals I identified during our call."

-Michael Templeton, M.Ed., Life Coach, New York, NY

"Last fall, fresh out of grad school, on the cusp of the big 3-0, and ready for change, I decided to find a life coach. I had several "trial sessions" with some highly recommended people I found online. 

After I spoke to Julie, I knew my search was over. She was bright and energetic, and what I noticed about Julie immediately was her insight! She caught on to what I was saying right away - I didn't have to edit myself or slow down to explain where I'm coming from. I felt like we could get right to work. She's a great listener, but she dissects and simplifies things to get to their core. And through it all, she does so without judgment.

Initially I contacted Julie about career help. In the process, we've covered everything in between. 

I once asked Julie how long clients are in life coaching, and she says it varies - some stay for a few sessions, some stay for years. I am going on 9 months with Julie. And while I haven't reached my ultimate "goal," I feel like I'm well on my way. I've discovered so much more about myself, I ended a relationship I had been in for a long time, and found a great, supportive group of friends. Even though this past year has been difficult for me in some ways, it was also one of my happiest and I have Julie to thank for that.  

Ultimately, a life coach will only help you as much as you are willing to help yourself. If you are willing to really dig in and find a fulfilling life, a life you deserve, she will guide you on that journey.

-C.D., Graphic Designer, New York, New York

"Everyone knows successful people always have a coach to guide them. I too, always knew that -- but only in theory. It's something I would say oh yeah I know that...duhhh.

I had no idea what to expect as far as what the purpose was for a life coach.

When I met Julie, it was a leap of faith for me. I remember reading the words "high potential person" and "for people who hate being told what to do!" I thought that was very interesting and the offers, articles were very compelling as well. So I decided to just go for it.

Within the first 15 minutes, Julie had uncovered a deeply personal limited belief in me that I had a very difficult time telling anyone about and I had held in for years! Julie knew just the right questions to ask that would allow me to uncover my own unique strengths,talents, gifts, and realize my own true potential.

What I found out that it was this exact belief that's been holding me back from achieving the levels of success that I've desired. It was something I was always very conscious of, to the extreme at times.

Another point that I sensed right away when working with Julie was that her intention was and
always has been to really make a difference in the lives of her clients including me.

Having a knowledgeable coach is great and there are plenty of coaches with great knowledge out there.

But the problem is that a lot of coaches advise you on what to do and that may not be the best solution for you simply because the advice that they give, which works for them, may or may not work for you.

Julie's method completely revolves around "you." What's best for you, based on your strengths,
your personality, your interests, your goals and of course your dreams.

I highly recommend selecting Julie in a world filled with so many options because the most important aspect of having a coach is trust. Julie is someone I knew I could trust because of how
she conducts business. 

I apologize if this review is lengthy but I too understand that there is a LOT to choose from out there
and its very easy to become trapped in a stage of "information overload." 

I honestly can say I certainly was lost in a world of contradictions and I needed helping personalizing
all of this information.

So this is my effort to reach out to someone whose also in a position like I was. Don't try to go another day trying to figure it all out like I did. The journey has a lot of hills, a lot of pitfalls, and its very simple to get lost, distracted or thrown off track. 

If you have someone there to guide you, that's wonderful. But to have someone there who also has a sincere interest in your achievements - both big and small, holding you accountable
and coaching you when you fall -- let's just say I'm able to get back up much faster!

Hope this helps anyone out there whose also in the same position I was.

How exactly I found Julie -- I still cannot remember. However, I know that it has and continues to be the best decision I've made for my future in more ways than I probably even realize right now.

So my last words to anyone reading this would be to JUST GO FOR IT! =)

G.S., entrepreneur, NYC

Blog post mentioning Julie's coaching:

Sometimes we need a little push

August 7, 2010

This is especially true when you are a small business owner or independent artists. You have to kick your own butt and well sometimes that can be tiring. Other times, you get so stuck in the day-to-day you forget about thinking strategically to help you and your business grow.

Sometimes you have to call in the big guns and hire a life coach. I was very lucky to run into a wonder life and career coach, Julie Melillo. She is the owner of the Manhattan-based coaching company: www.yourdreamslifecoach.com. Ambitious, wonderful and client driven. It’s worth the investment in yourself and your business!

To set up your session, click here. 

Currently offering VIRTUAL ONLY coaching sessions


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WE MEET FOR COFFEE OUTSIDE YOUR OFFICE IN upper east -- or phone sessions/skype international. YOU PAY FOR EACH SESSION AS WE GO. 

Select evening/weekend sessions available for increased fee. 

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  • In-person sessions  
  • Session-by-session scheduling -- cancel at any time. Come back at any time. 
  • Email coaching follow-up 
  • Public Speaking -- workshops, events, motivational speaking, and on-site coaching in NYC -- email me to set up. 

Choose From: (Or create any combination)

  • Executive Coaching -- Build leadership, interpersonal skills, and achieve business goals, faster.
  • Business Coaching -- For entrepreneurs and CEOs, increase discipline, discover your vision for your business.
  • Financial Trader Coaching -- Take your work to the next level! Overcome mechanisms that hold traders back.
  • Career Coaching -- Achieve success in your career, create your strategy and vision for long-term success. Interview technique and career-search strategy.
  • Relationship Coaching and Dating Training -- Hone your technique for dating in large metro areas, overcome limiting beliefs, find "the one" faster. Polish online dating profiles, take more action and improve current social life and relationships.

​How it works​

If you're looking for life coaching and need a great coach in New York or wherever you are, let's grab coffee! In real life or virtual :). No, you don't actually have to drink coffee if you choose not to. But you do have to tell me your dreams, and be willing to open your mind and heart to everything that's meant for you! 

Ambitious goals are challenging. The more difficult your goal, the more life coaching helps support you. Get started by filling out the contact form. No-obligation rates will be emailed to you. I do not offer phone consults at this time. Phone calls won't be returned. 

Life coaching is for anyone taking on an ambitious and challenging new goal in Manhattan or elsewhere. Is that you? 

My coaching manages the process of change, helping you discover your OWN best approaches, actions, and beliefs. I'm like a project manager looking holistically at the big picture view of your life -- helping you to discover what's working and what's not. Let's get started. 
Changing your life is awesome. I don't give you advice or tell you the right answer, but I help you figure it out for yourself. The work and the success are yours. 

Do I coach everyone? 

I only work with emotionally healthy people. The same way a trainer won't get too far with a client who has a gaping wound and needs stitches, I can't get far with you if something from your past is holding you back, which you need therapy to tackle. In addition, you deserve the best coaching-fit relationship. Either of us can end coaching at any time. 

Coaching is like personal training. Therapy is like medicine. If you have a wound, you need stitches. And if you have an emotional wound, you need therapy. If you are emotionally healthy, I can coach you. 


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Featured in Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books), New Book (July 2013) Coaching for Breakthrough Success. Includes Julie's advice for coaching effectively.

Julie's name is on the cover of Trading in a Nutshell, 10th anniversary edition, by Stuart McPhee, and features a long interview with Julie Melillo

Below are a few clippings of Julie's advice: