Include your email address or I can't respond to you. I will email you rates and all the info to get started. No  obligation. I won't share your info with others. It's all confidential with me. 

Just let me know who you are and why you're seeking coaching. How would you like it to help you? 

Looking forward to talking with you soon!!


What if you're not sure if you want life coaching? Only read this if you are uncertain if you want to send a contact form or not. 

I'm definitely not judging you for this! It actually took me years to even become a coach, because I was worried about leaving behind the writing career that I had invested myself in. I was confused for a long time. A lot of that was trying to be logical and ignoring my dreams and my inner knowing. Yes, I was afraid to follow my dreams to become a life coach! For years! But there is a right time and a wrong time. And one day it just clicked, and I called the life coaching school, and gave my notice at work. 

So please listen to yourself. It might be the perfect time for you right at this moment, or maybe you need to think more, for months or years, like I did.

Also be aware that whether you live in Brooklyn, the Upper East Side (hey neighbor!), Chicago, LA, or Hong Kong, or a small town in the Midwest, it's important that we get a great coach/client match. Call this woo-woo, but I believe in horoscopes, personality types, and the coaching style you prefer. Think about if my personality would feel right to you, and if not, seek a coach with the style you want. I'm not a drill Sargeant, and I don't give you advice! Sorry! But I am very down-to-earth, empathetic, and straight-talking, without being judgemental. 

Your gut always knows what's best for you. Second, there's no risk in simply getting the information. Fill out the above, and I will email you back with all my rates with no obligation. I will send you PDFs for how it works, what's included in a session, and how to prep for your first session. Just email me back when you're ready, and we'll set up a convenient session, and you can pay online. And bam, you have your very own professional life coach at your disposal! 

It's all confidential. The contact form and the sessions too. Sound cool? 

Then just fill out the quick form above and please send me about a paragraph of info about your situation if you're seeking: dating coaching, business coaching, something else, and what's going on with you. 

If it's not the right time, that's fine too! Seriously it is. People who are ready for coaching feel lit. Something makes them really want to at least get the rates and go from there. It's also OK to get the rates and think about it for months, and then message me a long time later.  

If you need to hit pause, cool. That may change in the future, and feel free to come back and message me again at any time! :) This is also how my coaching works. You are not locked into sessions. You choose each one as you go. Yes, you can lock-in sessions if securing a certain day/time is important to you, but it is not required. 

Sign up for my email newsletter also, on the bottom of the homepage, and you'll get any announcements, whether you want to proceed with coaching or not, and you'll stay connected to me to hear about resources, events, books, etc. 

Whether we work together now, later, or never, I wish you huge success on your ventures in life! :)

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